About us

Information about what the Centre for Systemic Social Work (CfSSW) does.

The Centre for Systemic Social Work (CfSSW) promotes systemic practice in social work settings across children’s services. Systemic practice offers a theory of change that is able to engage with the complexity and challenges faced by vulnerable families. This is where child protection and other high risk situations are a feature. The centre teaches systemic skills development programmes for practitioners, supervisors and leaders.

We also work with senior leadership groups to facilitate improvement of the practice system.  Building on the expertise of staff, the relational nature of social work and a commitment to reducing bureaucracy and process driven social work, our ambition is to contribute to whole system change through focusing on practice across the sector. 
Based in the London Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham the CfSSW is funded by the DfE. During 2017 the centre worked with North Yorkshire County Council, Telford and Wrekin and Slough. In addition to North Yorkshire County Council and  Telford & Wrekin in 2018 we worked with Medway, Bedfordshire, Hounslow and Jersey . We are currently working with our new partners Bristol, City of London , Blackburn & Darwen , Halton Borough Council  and Warrington Borough Council . Our new northern partners have assisted in  the facilitation of our nationwide expansion with the introduction of the ‘Northern hub’ our systemic practice training cohort based in the North of England.

The CfSSW is now in the third year of The Practice Leaders Development Programme (PLDP), a national leadership course designed specifically by and for social workers to prepare the next generation of leaders of children’s services through a two year teaching and coaching programme.

The Centre for Systemic Social Work is a new venture focused upon working collaboratively with the wider children's social care sector to improve all aspects of practice, supervision and leadership, in order to provide the very best service to children and families. 

We will do all that we can to make the experience with us the best that it can be, but of course we welcome any feedback, comments or discussions that you might like to have with us about any aspect of the Centre for Social Work.

Caroline Pipe
Clinical Director for the Centre for Systemic Social Work

Dave Worlock
Partners in Practice Programme Manager