Training with us

Our Approach to learning 

The Centre for Systemic Social Work’s approach to learning follows our guiding principles of accessibility, Inclusivity, anti-oppressive practice and relationship building. Our aim is to create learning environments in which different values, beliefs and perspectives can be shared constructively with the intention of developing our abilities to work thoughtfully and effectively with families in need.

Our tutors will seek to work in partnership with participants and will be responsive and adaptive to group and individual needs. The Centre for Systemic Social Work provides a variety of additional support services for course participants and consistently reviews learning materials with the intention of accommodating different learning styles and ensuring representation from voices and perspectives traditionally marginalised in academic settings.

Our courses will include formal taught components, group discussions, student led learning and group exercises. Our aim is to create clear theory to practice links with participants encouraged to practise skills and techniques using examples from their own work.  Course content and key discussion themes aim to reflect the diversity of work undertaken in Children’s Social Care contexts, with attention paid to policy, legislation and current issues.

Costs and Booking Process 

Please note that we do not offer places on our training programme on an individual basis. 

Internal Bookings 

If you work in Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster please speak to your line manager and liaise with the Practice Development Manager for your organisation: 

External Bookings 

Standard Package Cost 

Our standard package offers places on the practice, supervision and leadership course (37 places in total). 

Our courses are planned so that local authorities are trained together, meaning that each LA takes up a percentage of places on the programme. 

Standard Package Overview 

  Practice Supervision Leadership
Number of students  20 10 7
Introduction Session  1
Duration of Course 15 15 6
Risk and Embedding Day  1

Total cost for 37 places: £89,778   

DFE Sector Led Improvement Funding 

The Centre for Systemic Social Work is a Department for Education Sector Led Improvement partner. Local Authorities are able to apply for support from the centre via their Regional Improvement Support Lead (RISL). The DfE would then subsidise the cost of the course as detailed below. 

  Total Cost Cost to DfE Cost to LA 
Year 1 89,778 53,867 35,911
Year 2 89,778 44,889 44,889
Year 3 89,778 35,911 53,867

For more information about the DfE Sector Led Improvement Programme please visit the Gov.UK website: Get support from children’s services improvement partners.

For more information or to have an informal discussion about what the Centre for Systemic Social work could offer to your organisation please email and a member of the team will make contact with you. 

Venue and refreshments

We teach in locations all over England, when booking places an indication will be given as to the location of the training venue and what refreshments and catering facilities are available. 


If you are unable to attend a day of training, please notify your trainer and the Centre by telephone or email (you will receive the relevant contact details on the first day of the course). There is an 80-90% attendance requirement to complete the Systemic Practice and Systemic Supervision programmes.

Start times

Delegates are asked to arrive 15 minutes before start time to allow for signing in and a prompt start. A regular training day will begin at 10:00am and finish at 15:30. This is subject to change.

Delegates arriving after the start of a session cause disruption to the trainer and their colleagues’ learning, therefore courses will start on time, regardless of how many delegates are present.