Certificate in Systemic Social Work Practice with Children and Families

AFT accredited at Foundation Level

Course requirements

In order to successfully complete the course, participants will need to be able to demonstrate the requirements listed below, at the end of the course. Further details will be provided in the course handbook, given at the start of the course.

  • Minimum 80% attendance rate (no more than 3 days can be missed)
  • Group presentation to cohort (by 2 to 3 people) on a systemic theme/concept
  • Completion of 25 hours of systemic practice

Written assignments:

  • First assignment – essay. Due one week after Day 5
  • Second assignment – essay. Due one week after Day 15

Course Portfolio - due one month after Day 15:

  • Reflective learning diary
  • Course questionnaires (start, mid and end)
  • Practice log of 25 hours
  • 2 Practice case studies
  • Materials notes/used for presentation